An introduction to cryptography

What would happen in a world where anybody and everybody could access your information? This workshop seeks to address this question, and how modern-day cryptography plays a vital role in it's answer.

This workshop will be presented by Dom, Titan and Beni, Year 13 Higher Level Computer Science students at DCSPD.

An introduction to microelectronics

In this workshop be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get up close and personal with an Arduino board! You will build and program a small control system that uses sensors, buzzers, LEDs and more. In the process you will learn about analogue and digital I/O (input and output) as well as Arduino programming fundamentals. Please download and install the Arduino IDE before this workshop if possible.

This workshop is presented by Mr. Whitaker, Director of Ed Tech at DCSPD.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Want to have your project interface with the outside world? Want to play hands-on with some software and hardware? This workshop will allow you to work with inexpensive ESP8266 to allow your devices to interface to the outside world and with other devices. We’ll have the opportunity to play with some hardware and program in the Arduino IDE to make your projects interactive on the web. Please bring your laptops and cell phones to this session. Some prior programming experience suggested.

This workshop is brought to you by Mr. Klammer, a Computer Science teacher at Concordia International School and fellow of CERN!

An introduction to robotics

In this workshop be prepared to go all hands on and assemble a SecurityBot! You will build and program a Robot which will be a high profile patrol guard for Lock It Down! In the process you will learn about algorithms, connectivity and programming fundamentals. You will need to download the Rero robot software for this workshop.

This workshop is brought to you by Miss Hardy, a Computer Science teacher at DCSPD.

Wearable Technology

As technology gets smaller and smarter we are looking towards a future in which we can increasingly combine and integrate technology into everyday objects. This workshop will be an introduction into 'smart' clothing. Participants will get a hands on look at integrating input and output devices straight into clothing turning anything from shoes, hats, t-shirts and trousers into a programmable product. Perfect for those new to electronics. Looking to stretch participant's creativity and product design skills whilst keeping sustainable development in mind.

This workshop is brought to you by Miss Stevens, a Design Technology teacher at UWC Singapore. Miss Stevens previously worked as the Head of Technology at Dulwich College Beijing. Miss Stevens is a hackathon specialist and will be working with us for the duration of the weekend.

3D Design

In this workshop, you’ll learn to use the open-source 3D art software Blender to model, texture, design materials for and render a donut and a mug of coffee. In doing so, you’ll pick up some basic Blender skills such as basic 3D modelling, the modifier stack, 3d sculpting, Blender’s node based material system and compositing engines, and UV unwrapping and texturing.

This workshop is brought to you by Isaac, a gifted Year 11 Computer Science student from Dulwich College Beijing.

Facial recognition

In this workshop, we will start from the basic concept of image processing. You will learn to capture an image and play with it using the Python language. Later we will move on to some advanced level of computer vision applications like how to control a robot arm to track your face!

This workshop is brought to you by Will, a tech enthusiaist and entrepreneur who works closely with Dulwich College Beijing. Will is a hackathon specialist and will be working with us for the duration of the weekend.

Creating a VR world!

In this session we will be using a 3D virtual reality creation environment to create our own virtual worlds and paint our own digital canvas of life. We will animate our worlds with code and then explore them in virtual or augmented reality, held in the palm of our hands!

This workshop is brought to you by Mr. Forbes, the Head of Computer Science at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong.


In this workshop you will learn about the micro:bit which is a handheld, programmable micro-computer that can be used for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments – the possibilities are endless! You will program the LEDs as an output based on various inputs. We will be working with block code but you can also use Python through the online micro:bit coding interface.

This workshop is presented by Ms Matthews, Education Technology Integrator at DCSPD.