Tech Ambassadors President

My expertise is mainly in OOP and application softwaredevelopment. Within the HakD team, I'm responsible for coordinating overall organisation and operations of the event.


Tech Ambassadors Vice President

I enjoy coding websites - as a student taking computer science and art, I aim to create websites that are functional and visually appealing. I am helping plan HakD this year to get as many people interested in tech!


Website Developer

I’m a Y11 nerd who loves building digital things. I’ve been on the HakD Team since its very inception, and I particularly like applying tech to "real world problems", like being too lazy to order pizza on my own./p>

Mr Whitaker

Teacher Lead

With our hackathon now in its 3rd year, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the event has grown. This is all down to the hard work of an amazing body of students who selflessly dedicate themselves to providing the best HakD experience possible.


Workshop Team

I enjoy swimming and have a general interest in all that is tech related, especially regarding internet security and AI. 


Opening Ceremony coordinator

I love reading. I’m fascinated by tech and I love exploring it. I’m still an intermediate programmer, although I learn new things about programming everyday.

Miss Hardy

Promoting girls in tech!

I teach CS and love to get practical! From 3D design to building Robots! Looking forward to seeing the projects this year!


Finance and Film teams

Hi there! Second year of IGCSE, stressed like a strawberry pie (〃´皿`)q but still procrastinating. Currently in charge of finance and film for HakD.


Finance and Film teams

I was a participant last year, just like some of you! I am interested in Computer Science (obviously), Math and scrolling through my phone :).


Workshop team

I enjoy most things related to CS - it's just fascinating how technology is implemented into all areas of our lives!I'd like to get more exposure to the field of technology and would genuinely like to learn more about it.

Mr Forbes

Wandering through the field of CS, one bit at a time...

I am the Head of Computer Science at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong and I love to tinker with robotics, electronics, and wires! I am looking forward to my first HakD!



Coming soon.



Coming soon.



Coming soon.

Miss Wong

Ed Tech Technician

Hello I'm Miss Wang. I am the very new STEAM technician here in DCS Pudong. I'm responsible for the use of 3D printers, laser cutter and all of the robotics stuff and I really enjoy it. I hope you like our maker space!

Miss Matthews

JS Ed Tech Integrator

Coming soon.