1.11.19 - 3.11.19

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong


On the Move

Welcome to HakD!

HakD is a hackathon for everyone – people just like you, the person that sits next to you in history, and the other guy who is eating Pringles – yes, all of you are invited!
Hackathons (contrary to teachers’ concerns) are not events that encourage people to become Neo and hack into the Matrix. Rather, they are about challenging yourself to push the fundamental boundaries of what you can truly create.
For those who are new to programming, this is a great opportunity for you to try it out and see if it is something you would like to pursue in the future. For those who want to flex their skills in creating awesome products with others, this is also a great opportunity for you to meet new people that share the same passions as you!
We are excited to give you the best possible experience and [hopefully] persuade you to follow the path of technology to infinity and beyond!

Food arrangements

Students are allowed to order their own food on Saturday night to be delivered to school. Alternatively, they may bring a packed evening meal. A mirowave is available for use.

Off campus arrangements

Students in Year 7 and above will be allowed off campus between 1300 and 1800, but will need a permission slip signed by their parents in order to do so.

1. Register!

To sign up for HakD, speak to your local CS teacher or equivalent and get in a pair with someone from your school. When you arrive at the event, you will receive a swag bag full of HakD themed goodies! We will group your pair with another pair from a different school to form a team of 4 students.

2. Projects!

On the first day of the event, a set of scenarios based on our theme of On the Move, will be revealed during the Opening Ceremony. As a team, you will pick a scenario and work on solving it through technology. Your prototype can involve software, hardware, or even a mix of both!


During the morning of the second day, you can participate in two tech-related workshops! You can choose which workshops you want to attend, and learn new skills ranging from web design to 3D Modelling, from Raspberry Pis to computer vision. If you're feeling tactical, you could coordinate which workshops to attend with your group so you can all learn different things then combine your newfound knowledge in making your product!

4. Present!

Now, on the last day, you will get the opportunity to present your products. You will be judged purely based on your projects, not your presentations. This year, we’re opting for a more science fair style of presentation.


Everyone interested in tech and STEAM is welcome to participate! HakD offers an opportunity for students of all experience levels to get involved and build an awesome product. No prior knowledge of any particular programming language is required.

A laptop and charger, pocket money, plus a handful of creativity and you are ready to go! Feel free to bring any additional equipment you need. We will also provide a wide variety of equipment including Arduino boards, Raspberry Pis, Matrix robotics kits, Tetrix robotics, Lego NXT kits, 3D printers, milling machine, a laser cutter and VR kits.

Each participating school will assign students into pairs. At the event, each pair will be assigned to another pair, most likely students from another school. If there is an odd number of participants, each school is allowed to have one group of three.

Our staff and students on the campus are always happy to help. If you require any kind of support, feel free to ask us!

Contact hakd@dulwich-shanghai.cn



Event location:

Shanghai, Pudong, Lan An Road No.266 上海浦东新区蓝桉路266号


Ramada Plaza Hotel, 18 Xin Jinqiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai 201206 P.R.C.




Time Event
16:00 Registration
16:50 Opening Ceremony
17:25 Teams Reveal
17:40 Workshop Fair
18:40 Tech Challenges
19:40 Pizza Party
20:30 Return Home/Hotel


Time Event
8:30 Workshop 1
10:00 Break
10:30 Workshop 2
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Project Time
20:30 Return Home/Hotel


Time Event
8:30 Briefing
9:00 Project time and showcase preparation
10:00 Judging starts for junior category
11:00 Judging starts for senior category
12:00 Lunch, judges meeting
13:00 Finalists Presentations
13:40 Awards and Closing Ceremony
14:00 Depart